Mrs. Moler's Third Grade Class:

First Row: (left to right)
Diane Spaulding, Regina Hicks, Debbie Sievert, Dan Uhl, Wendy Breeden, Richard Jaffe, Jayne Ahrens

Second Row: (left to right)
Scott Sanborn, Mark Sastra, Jim Vanderpool, Mark Roberts, Judy Farrish , Carol Oeters, __________, Rick Hill, Ranette Romire, Jim Busher(?)

Third Row: (left to right)
Mike O'Day (?), Sam Phillips, Randy Ison, Jill Hobt, Garth Belcher, Mark Daughetee, Peggy Moon, Scott Perkins (?), Dale Weaver, Tim Dignan

Can you help us identify those without names? Email Sue with the name(s) of those you remember - be sure to include the class/teacher in your email.

Thanks to Jack Richey and Peggy Howell for helping us "fill in some of the blanks!" and to Ranette Romire for sending this photo!