Mr. Hatfield's Fifth Grade Class:

First Row: (left to right)
Kiku Kawahara, Gretchen Meents, Anita Leamy, Jill Hobt, Julie Carson, Susan Brown, Donna Robertson, Sue Memke

Second Row: (left to right)
Tim Skidmore, Jim Vanderpool, Jim Schott, Jim Owens, Larry Gilman, Nadine Merritt, Diane Grueninger, Jack Holthaus, Jeff Krantz, Karl Hinkamp, Bob Reger

Third Row: (left to right)
Mr. Hatfield, Can you identify?, Paul Ferguson, Sherry Becker, Cindy Rector, Gary Graham, Tom Drake, Doug Shaw

Can you help us identify those without names? Email Sue with the name(s) of those you remember - be sure to include the class/teacher in your email.