Mrs. Stanton's Sixth Grade Class:

First Row: (left to right)
Mike Downing, Tom Bennington, Doug Irvine, Carl Dean, Mark Roberts, John Fletcher, Paul Brammer

Second Row: (left to right)
Ranette Romire, Jane Ahrens, Kim Williamson, Nancy Kenner, Paula Davis, Linda Gibson, Sue Williams, Susan Detmer, Jody Jenneman

Third Row: (left to right)
Debbie Maynard, Jim Egnew, Dave Reed, Bob Marquardt, Steve Rath, Jane Suhr, Dave Smith, Eric Smith, Carol Oeters, Debbie Sievert, Peggy Howell, Naomi Matzek

Fourth Row: (left to right)
George Kapsal, Jack Richey, Bill Brothers, Barry Wirthlin, Lario Yerino, Denise Berry, Peggy Moon, Patty Wright, Connie Montgomery, Mrs. Stanton

Thanks to Ranette Romire for sending us this picture!