Mrs. Stewart's Third Grade Class: (CAN YOU HELP FILL IN THE BLANKS?)

First Row: (left to right)
Pam Koch, ______________, Carol Shilling, Connie Montgomery, Pete Edwards, Shawn McKee, Sue Memke, Jacqueline Hill

Second Row: (left to right)
Cathy McDonald, Connie Link, Rick Koppman, David Reed, Larry Gilman, Don Calvert, John Janning

Third Row: (left to right)
Mrs. Stewart, Mike Downing, Carolyn Ettinger, Steve Rath, Gary Graham, Debbie Maynard, Barrett Flaschar, Skip Augustine

Can you help us identify those without names? Email Sue with the name(s) of those you remember - be sure to include the class/teacher in your email.

Thanks to Mike Downing and Deborah Ziegler for helping fill in "some of the blanks!"